Case Study


Monthly Report

Society description, global position, market cap and employees. Revenue, turnover and net finacial position. Montly report.

Credit Card Report
Allows to make a monthly comparison of expenses and a precise report of the outputs of the current month.
Final call to action for download the app.

Overview about a politician, with biography, income, productivity, activity in parliament, fact checking and political program.

Overview about a sportsman. Charts that describe the technical qualities, presence in the field, performance and overall performance.
Linkedin cv
Curriculum presentation:
overview, personal data, work experience, education and formation skills, special activities
Product Details
Technical card: features about a product, quality test result, price, description.
Presonalized Trailer

Personalized trailer: a selection of movie trailers choosen just for the user based on his preferences.

Invoice 1to1 Tutorial
Online TV subscription summary with purchased packages, prices, invoice reading in detail, initial contribution.
Corporate Communication
Result Reporting

Digital growth: annual increase about usability of device and most active social media platforms during the year.

Corporate Communication
News - Animated Post
Company news: different scenes that allows to create news about a product or a brand.
Corporate Communication
Job Description

Search for a professional figure with duties and responsibilities, skills and qualifications, education, languages experience and attitude.

Branded Content
Business Presentation
Presentation about a brand, overview, photos slideshow, staff in detail and contacts.
Branded Content
Core Products

Description of a product, technical specifications, price, accessories, photos slideshow.

Branded Content
Business Presentation
Description of a product, technical specifications, history, photos slideshow and contacts.
Customer Journey
Journey suggestion:
Location, experience and activities to do. 
Final call to action.
Destination News
News about a City, scenes for text, photos slideshow and suggestion.

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